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Additional services

Discover our wide range of additional services!

Contracts for scheduled Maintenance programs

Thanks to the PRAMAC Point Network and our specialists available all over the world, we can offer a wide range of services to meet customers’ requirements, providing installation and commissioning, repairs, scheduled maintenance program and professional solutions call on demand 24/7, efficiently and quickly.

Contracts for scheduled Maintenance programs are suitable for the following products:

  • Generating sets
  • Stackers fleets

All contracts can offer:

  • A scheduled maintenance program providing: a precautionary service of scheduled maintenance, including 2 to 4 ( or more ) inspections per year, made by a specialized technician, to prevent faults, verify the efficiency and guarantee the perfect performance of all the products included in the contract;
  • A "priority inspection" in case of faults or product failure, even during holidays and with an overnight service, when required;
  • A replacement of broken parts by genuine spares, if necessary.

Send us your enquiry for a scheduled maintenance program ( You will receive a customized offer for the service, free of charge and without prejudice.

Request of inspection to install and/or decommission

Inspection by our specialized technicians, to verify the hardware requirements of the site of installation generating set and guarantee a complete and efficient working solution, for the entire plant.

Installation and commisioning

Product commissioning and associated basic technical training to ensure a complete understanding on how to use and check the products, during operation.

Remote control and managing of generating sets (Telemetry)

By using a modem or an industrial GSM system, it will be possible to remotely monitor and completely control a generating set;

Training activities

Access to our complete training program, dedicated to all PRAMAC products. (